translationMANAGER for Shopware

Start translation projects right in the backend of your online shop with the translationMANAGER for Shopware. Export product and manufacturer content, shopping worlds and text modules for professional translation. The plugin’s intelligent selection, export and import functions allow you to stay on top of things at all times. Flexible, simple, secure.

Simple Text Selection

Select product texts, product properties, categories, manufacturers, email templates, text elements, text modules, shop pages, blog pages, forms, shopping worlds and storytelling with just a few clicks and have them translated into more than 50 languages.

Translate SEO Content

Select SEO content from anywhere in your shop and export it for search-engine-optimized translation with the translationMANAGER.

Powerful Selection Filters

Efficient text selection: use filters for active/inactive products, stock availability, translation status etc. to help you select your texts. You can even make selections using your category tree!

Translate Anything and Everything.

All Product texts, product features, categories, shopping worlds, storytelling, manufacturers, shop pages, text blocks, blog pages, forms, email templates, variant configurators, payment texts, PDF documents, price units, countries… the exporting possibilities are endless!

Ideal for Regular Content Updates

Select all untranslated texts with just one click and send them to the Eurotext Translation Portal.

Linked Translations

The inconvenient task of creating translations without a link to the source language is a thing of the past. Target-language copies of categories, shop pages, blog pages, shopping worlds and forms can be automatically created when importing. Best of all, the translationMANAGER saves the link, Leaving you perfectly equipped for future translation updates.

Exporting and Importing Translation Projects

Maximum results with just a few clicks. Export the texts to Eurotext in ZIP/XML format, and then automatically reimport the finished translations. It’s that simple.

Compatible with All Editions

From Community to Enterprise, the Eurotext translationMANAGER is compatible with all Shopware Editions. We support versions 4.6.x, 5.0.x and 5.1.x.

Plug & Play

Simply set up the translationMANAGER in the backend of your Shopware shop. Register, log in, get started!

translationMANAGER for Shopware
(Version 1.5.2)
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Paulmann GmbH: “Having been a user from day one, we have accompanied the development of the translationMANAGER for months now and can only praise the tremendous range of features and usability – not to mention the support in all areas.
In just a few hours, we were able to export 1,571 shopping worlds, 945 text modules and dozens of email templates in four target languages and then use them in the corresponding language shops in just a few clicks. It doesn’t get much more convenient or cost-effective. This plugin is essential for efficient internationalization.” Read the full review here

About Shopware

Shopware was developed in Germany in 2004 and is one of the most-used shop software systems in the German-speaking world. For a while now, Shopware has been expanding across Europe with a heavy focus on internationalization. The almost 48,000 installations to date include shops like L’Oréal, Stabilo, Haribo and Euronics.

Like other systems, Shopware offers a free Community Edition as well as additional paid editions – Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise. The Shopware Community Edition offers no warranty and no support, but rather a forum where shop owners can exchange ideas and provide one another with support. The shop software can also be expanded according to individual needs with both free and paid plugins. Upgrading to any of the other editions brings with it a warranty and support, plugins and additional services, plus more structural flexibility.

One special feature of Shopware is its easy-to-edit shopping worlds. These are freely customizable pages with moveable banners, HTML blocks, videos, products and images that allow the user to personalize the shop on a day-to-day basis and respond to market trends quickly and easily.

So-called Product Streams were introduced in Shopware 5.1. These are very similar to search filters and purposely draw the customer’s attention to the product worlds and specific product ranges. Shop operators can define these Product Streams with filter values to automatically market new products in different areas of the shop.