translationMANAGER for Magento 2

Carrying out internationalization projects is easy with translationMANAGER for Magento 2. Intelligent functions ensure smooth and efficient workflows, and a direct link to the Eurotext translation portal with native-speaking country teams for more than 50 languages guarantees high translation quality. There’s nothing left standing between you and international success!

Targeted Text Selection

Select product texts, attributes and categories and translate your texts into more than 50 languages. Internationalization in Magento 2 has never been so easy!

Comprehensive Customization

The translationMANAGER for Magento 2 offers agencies, developers and tech-savvy users a wide range of customization options: third-party compatibility, command line scripts, expandability… This allows it to be seamlessly integrated into customer projects.

Resource-Friendly Technology

The translationMANAGER is particularly easy on resources: Import and export processes run asynchronously in the background so as not to unnecessarily burden the server. Performance losses in the frontend are therefore eliminated.

Open Source Code

We value transparency! That’s why the source code for the translationMANAGER is available on GitHub – completely open and unencrypted. You are welcome to check, change, expand and adapt it to your needs as required.

Developed Specifically for Magento 2

We have developed the translationMANAGER specifically for Magento 2, taking into account all special features and capabilities. (Tested from Magento v. 2.2.4)

Solutions for All Shops

When developing translationMANAGER for Magento 2, we were able to benefit from our experience and the feedback from our customers for translationMANAGER for Magento 1, which we will of course continue to offer and develop further.



After the huge success of translationMANAGER for Magento, we have applied our experience to a translation solution for Magento 2. In addition to the already established functions (intelligent selection mechanisms, simple export and import workflows) and a direct connection to the Eurotext translation portal with over 4000 native-speaking professional translators, translationMANAGER for Magento 2 will offer a number of new features. It therefore offers agencies and experienced users a multitude of options for adapting existing shops and systems to multilingualism.

Our goal is to integrate translation workflows even more effectively into your day-to-day business in order to ensure smooth business operations – worldwide!

The installation package for translationMANAGER for Magento 2 will soon be available on the marketplace. But you can already get it from us now. Would you like to receive the installation package? Then please complete the following form:

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Structured export and optimal translation of language files

In Magento 2 it is no longer possible to export language files for specific parts or modules of the shop as standard.
Instead, Magento 2 creates a single file containing all language segments of the entire shop.
We offer you a free solution that allows you to
export language files structured according to module and source language in order to translate them consistently and correctly.

Structured Exports

The export script can be used to create language files for individual modules. This makes it possible to assign the segments to certain areas and functions of the shop and translate them according to context. This significantly increases the translation quality.

Translation Made Simple

The language files generated contain a wild mixture of different languages depending on the extensions installed. This adds to the workload and can lead to translation errors. The export script allows you to create separate language files that can be easily sorted out and translated without further processing.

Free and Without Obligation

We are happy to make the export script available to you free of charge and without obligation.

Simply request it using the form below.



Are you interested in a free export solution for structured language files in Magento 2? Then please complete the following form. We will contact you as soon as possible and send you the files.

Attention: The script for exporting Magento 2 language files is currently a very technical solution and should be used by an experienced developer.

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structured language files
in Magento 2