translationMANAGER for Magento

Keep on top off your internationalization projects with the translationMANAGER for Magento. Start translation projects directly in the Magento admin area, use the intelligent selection functions for simple text selection and benefit from the sophisticated export and import functionality.

Simple Text Selection

Select product texts, attributes, categories, CMS pages, email templates and language files with just a few clicks and translate the texts into more than 50 languages.

Translate SEO Content

Select SEO content from anywhere in your shop and export it for search-engine-optimized translation with the translationMANAGER.

User-Defined Attributes for Products and Categories

The translationMANAGER allows you to export user-defined attributes for products and categories.

Efficient Selection Filters

Filters help you select specific content. Filter by category or concrete values such as status, stock availability, type and visibility.

Ideal for Regular Content Updates

Use your SKU lists to select new products for translation.

Exporting and Importing Translation Projects

Maximum results, minimum effort. The translationMANAGER allows you to select, export and reimport texts with just a few clicks.

Support for Static CMS Blocks

The translationMANAGER can differentiate between your standard CMS pages and static blocks, allowing you to select only the content you wish to have translated.

Compatible with All Editions

The Eurotext translationMANAGER is compatible with both Community Edition and Enterprise Edition (version 1.6 and newer).

Compatible with Third-Party Plugins

Our translation plugin was developed in strict accordance with Magento guidelines and is therefore compatible with a large number of third-party plugins.

translationMANAGER for Magento
(Version 3.2.20)
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translationMANAGER for Magento


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translationMANAGER for Magento
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