Customized Connections

Easy to integrate. Quick to market. Start translating where it really matters and decide for yourself how you want to integrate multilingualism into your own processes. CMS, PIM, ERP: Connect your systems to a translation portal with native-speaking country teams for more than 50 languages. Simple. Secure. Flexible.


Make translation processes an integral part of your day-to-day business with the Eurotext REST API. Standard software, a customized system, your own development or a complex framework…no matter what your system, you have complete freedom. Monitor your country teams in the Eurotext Translation Portal and rapidly accelerate your multilingual content production. We will provide you with support during the setup phase and help you to develop your own personal internationalization strategy. Additional information.


The easyCONNECTOR is the quickest way to a professional translation process. Your translation projects are transferred to the Eurotext Translation Portal via simple package workflows , where they are then automatically processed. This does away with unnecessary project management, while standardized translation data accelerates the translation processes carried out by our native-speaking translation teams. Simple, quick and foolproof. Request more information.

Data Transfer – Simple and Secure

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