International Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a complex task, but one that is essential to the success of a website or online shop. We translate SEO texts and conduct multilingual keyword research to make sure that you make your mark internationally!

Be found worldwide

International SEO/SEA

Internationalizing SEO/SEA texts is not only about linguistically correct translations. The placement and consistency of keywords is also vital to generating optimal coverage. Character limits need to be taken into account so that meta descriptions are not cut off mid-sentence. The formulations also follow different rules to regular translations. Taking all of these requirements into consideration, our qualified linguists adapt your SEO texts for the target market.

Our specially trained translators make sure that your SEO efforts also bear fruit in other languages.

Our SEO and language services are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Keyword Research in the Target Market

The general rule of keywords is “as general as possible, but as specific as necessary”. This balancing act can sometimes be hard to maintain during the translation process. That’s why we test the coverage of your keywords in the target language and research alternatives if necessary.

Category Tuning

It’s not only keywords that need attention, other central texts in your online shop are also crucial to success. Category titles and their corresponding descriptions help customers find their way around. If these terms are not well formulated, the customer can quickly lose track and consequently lose interest in your shop. That’s why we offer to check your product groups and category descriptions and compare them to the most commonly used terms in the target market.