Comprehensive Service

Service For Your Online Shop

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is of paramount importance in e-commerce and should not be forgotten during the translation process. It is not enough to simply translate the SEO texts in the traditional sense. As in the source language, the correct keywords must be found and used consistently. We carry out a keyword analysis for you in the target markets to determine the perfect terms. We can check the correctness of existing translations and, if necessary, provide new translations.

Category Tuning

The names of the individual categories are the most important texts in the whole shop. If mistakes occur here, customers may not be able to find their way around the shop and may well head for another retailer. We research the best category titles that are guaranteed to be understood in the target markets for you.

Product Feeds, Newsletters, Blog Articles, Banners, Social Media

In addition to product texts, do you also need additional translations such as product feeds, blog articles, newsletter texts, social media messages, banners etc.? No problem! We can process texts in various file formats and return them in the same format – this saves time and money. For small amounts of text, we can even provide you with templates to simplify the process for both you and us.

Translating Language Packs and Frameworks

When internationalizing your online shop, you don’t have to translate your complete range all at once. Internationalizing step-by-step can be particularly advisable if you have a large range of products or a number of products with a small profit margin. Step 1: best sellers; step 2: individual categories etc.

Before all this, however, the framework of the shop needs to be internationalized. Information texts, dialog boxes, legal information, buttons, forms. We are happy to help you translate this content and check existing language packs for their quality.

Integration of Client Resources

Do you already have in-house translators or your own country teams at your disposal? Do you have branches or partners in the target markets? We are happy to integrate them into the translation workflow. Be this as translators or in the quality control and approval processes. This gives you constant control over all processes and access to all data.

Test Purchases and On-Screen Reviews

Certain errors and inconsistencies can only be found during live testing. Our translators test the functionality of your online shop by means of test purchases and onscreen reviews in order to simulate the user experience under real conditions. The focus is on coherent and uniform user navigation, a comprehensible menu structure and the correct interaction of all components – from voucher codes to confirmation emails.

Language Engineering

In order to ensure that projects run smoothly, we clarify all open questions and prepare all technical aspects in advance. Standardized and optimized formats simplify data exchange. The translation environment is set up, translation memories are created, terminology databases are prepared and the client system is linked to the translation portal. The workflows are then coordinated and documented, leaving nothing in the way of a successful and straightforward collaboration.

Translation Memory Management

We save all of your texts and translations in our translation memories. The translations can be recycled and reused future projects to save time and money. Once translated, a text never needs to be translated again.

Terminology & Keyword Management

Terms that are particularly important for you and your company are stored in the terminology database. This may be product names, technical terms, technical keywords or SEO keywords. This ensures that these terms are always translated the same way. The decision on which terms to store and their corresponding translations is taken together. Changes to the terminology database are only made in agreement with the client.


Want to translate flyers, vouchers, catalogues, manuals or other printed media? No problem! Simply send us your data in an open format (INDD, PSD, EPS, AI…). We translate your texts using your translation memories. In this way, you profit from existing translations across formats and channels and consequently save time and money. Upon completion of the translation, we insert the target-language texts into the layout files and deliver the ready-to-print data for immediate use.